Saturday, March 3, 2012

Indiana Welcome Center

A strange building hiding behind a cloverleaf that would normally be overlooked, the Indiana welcome center at Kennedy Ave and the Borman Expressway is a bit strange on the outside, however terrific on the inside.

I have always passed this place, like the many other places I am writing in this blog, not knowing what is on the inside.  Though you may not have known what this building is . . . stop in because it's wonderful.  Note, this location is not only for the Indiana Welcome Center, but also the John Dillinger Museum, and the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority.  The interest for me, however, was the Welcome Center.  Why?  See the photos below . . .

Several exhibits take place throughout a year. The two banners in the above photo show the current one that I photographed, and the upcoming one, "Seeing Is Believing".

From what I understand, the outside structure itself is to resemble the waves of Lake Michigan. The inside is what you need to look at.  It will not take too long to walk through, however the super relaxing, easy on the senses, open environment was really soothing.  And I recommend it, to anyone.

If you care to take a peak . . .

Indiana Welcome Center
7770 Corinne Drive
Hammond, IN

Check out their website for hours:

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