Saturday, April 21, 2012

John Brudek Reception - Blue Room Cafe 4/21/12

John Brudek, fellow photographer, was given a reception at The Blue Room Cafe, downtown Hammond IN Saturday.  John, along with myself, William Kazak and John Stephens who are also photographers, attend the Paul Henry's Art Gallery Thursday night JAM, which is where I met John.  Also, not new to photography however new to the gallery, was Thomas Semesky at the reception.  I believe this is what blew John away . . . fellow photographers coming to view his work.  Here is a photo I took of John at the reception.

John's photography is great. He captures images, art of life, that I have not. This is what glued me to his work, and why I bought his piece titled, "Dairy Queen". Every photographer has a "voice". It is up to us, as photographers, to express that voice, so that you hear it in the same clarity it was photographed, and meant to be. John has artistically performed very well in this respect.

It was a superb turnout for John, which put a smile on his face, along with the rest of us you had the enjoyment of seeing his work. Also a special thanks to William Kazak who used my camera to take some photos. (The photos without my tag are the ones shot by William.) I am in the processes of converting him from Nikon to Canon . . . ya right.

Here are some photos for you to enjoy . . .

William, starting his modeling career . . . not quite like the models I shot in Atlanta . . .

5246 Hohman
Hammond, IN

416 Sibley
Hammond, IN

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