Saturday, November 23, 2013

Wes' Field Trip 2 11/23/13

DHC 6th annual Holiday kick-off celebration, to the Union Street Gallery, to The Robots, and ending with Lou Shields. I wanted to do more . . . had time to do more. Just recovering from being under the weather, I paced it, and stayed inside as much as possible.

I started the day off early to catch the holiday celebration in Hammond. What a great town. I just wish we would buy local to support communities like Hammond. 

This was a great event, as shown in Debra's blog (click here). (Debra is a great photographer, very different from mine, a very unique eye.) I was too early to catch the kids, and that early in the morning it was windy and cold. So I found shelter at Paul Henry's Art Gallery. David is always welcoming. He stood me over the hot air vent to thaw out, and to sing some Christmas songs. Here are some photos inside Paul Henry's . . .

The next stop was to the Union Street Gallery in Chicago Heights. I was raised in Glenwood. I lived on the side of Glenwood that went to Homewood-Flossmore High School, and the other half of Glenwood that I went to grade school with went to Bloom High School.

Chicago Heights was part of my stomping grounds, like Homewood, South Holland, Lansing, Calumet City, Olympia Fields, even out to Matteson. In all these years, all this driving around town, I had never been down Otto Blvd. So today was a first, and a great first.

I had seen announcements for exhibit openings at the Union Street Gallery. The place is unique. It reminds me a bit of the Zhou B Art Gallery. One thing that struck me was that I did not see too many photographs. Hmmm . . . maybe I need to find some space there.

Here are some photos . . .

Friend Leon Sarantos was exhibiting . . .

After some rest at home, I went out to catch my buds, The Robots. It is always fun hanging around these guys. You never know what the crowd will do. I think Bob Sherman has a lot to do with that. Oh, maybe Pete does because of his guitar play. No, Danny, because he gets down with the bass. No, I think it's Ed because drummers rock. TAKE YOUR PICK!

That was a short stay. I wanted to get over to the Zombie Club to see Lou Shields. I tend to spread myself thin with all the musicians I want to photograph. Out of everyone Lou and The Robots have gotten most of my attention.

Lou enjoys roots music. It is in his blood. It is different, a throwback in time, yet real enough today that you feel it. Check Lou out when you have a chance, and tell him Wes sent you.

Now please realize, photographing in the Zombie Club is a challenge because it is so dark there. To get enough light into the camera, the shutter speed is slow, hence keeping an image in focus, especially a moving Lou, makes for some challenging photography.

I hope you enjoyed my day trip. It was a trip, pun intended. I need to do more of this. It's fun!!!

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