Saturday, February 21, 2015

NWI Comic Con 2/21/15

This was cool. A comic con that blew my mind. Lots of really cool vendors and artists, writers, and the like. What made it super cool, is that this was held in Northwest Indiana. Shererville, to be exact.

This is now the second year for this event. Such a big turnout! My bride and I were very lucky to be photographers for the con. I loved the family atmosphere, everyone enjoying themselves. I particularly enjoyed the cosplay. As a photographer, this was of most interest. Being a Doctor Who fan, I noticed a tremendous amount of Doctor Who items for sale, and worn by vendors and fans! Along with that, I have been able to meet a few writers, artists, illustrators in my time. I was so thrilled to see writers, artists, and illustrators at this event. They were all so down to earth, conversing with us, making us feel at home.

Here is a link to Christi's blog as well.

Look, up in the sky. It's a bird, a plane, a camera drone! When I first walked up I saw this flying. Pretty cool.

If by chance you or someone you know is in any of the photos, feel free to let me know so I can add their name to this blog.

Lots of live action roll play people here at the convention. This lady is a member of Kanarak.

Guzman Gloves, LLC. As Mr. Guzman sates, "the ONLY place where custom-painted boxing gloves is a reality." Check out his Facebook page.

My bride loving her frog . . .

Writer Emily Goodwin (Facebook).

Midieval Times Dinner & Tournament (Facebook).

I am a Doctor Who fan who married a Star Wars fan. What can I say . . .

LARP, or Live Action Roll Play. There is Kanarak chapter in in Indiana. The photo below are a couple of it's members. You can find out more by clicking on this link.

Grindhouse Cafe, Griffith (Facebook)

Families everywhere, and children getting their pictures taken next to their (or parents) characters. This was very nice to see, along with the children's enthusiasm.

Another LARP from Kanarak below . . .

Another LARP from Kanarak member below . . .

Kim Schure as Loki from the Avengers. (Bottom photo, left.)

NWI Comic Con

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