Thursday, April 5, 2018

"Mandate For Murder" – Towle Theater

By Pat Cook
(Presented through special arrangement with Eldridge Publishing Company.)

All of us have had enough about politics, however when local politics is in play things can become a bit testy. Combine that with a birthday party, well . . . death tends to put a damper on things. Two deaths, well . . .

The Towle Theater Youth Ensemble (TYTE) did an excellent job maintaining the pace for this play, and keeping our minds on many things; the surprise birthday part, the election, individual character quirks, and clues that intermingle themselves throughout the story. As always with a well written story and strong played character roles, you will want to take a guess at "who did it" and you will go "oops" when you are wrong. Even with that information, you will still be wrong.

A good play is only as good as the cast, and the director. You can see both took their parts seriously, resulting in a excellent Mandate For Murder!

Let me introduce you to the cast first, starting with their character name in the play.


Joan Sedgewick – Anna Kirsch

Monroe Lafferty – Logan Hoskins

Dolores MacDonald – Vanessa Merola

Millie Kensington – Tenley Edvardsen

Billy Jack Hopkins – Adam Mohrs

Estelle Murchinson – Jianna Sol Harrison

Macauley Tarleton – Joshua Bossette

Eileen Lafferty – Karah Sikora

Commissioner Doggert – Christian Moore

Matt Kensington – Connor Khoury

Kathleen Donovan – Ariana Kanaya

Thank you TYTE for an excellent performance. Maintain your pursuit in theater, for you have proven yourself as actors!

Ensemble Staff

Assistant Director – Aidan McGuire

Costume Assistant – Aramis Cordova

Specialty Make-up – Monica Luna

Production Staff

Director – Jeff Casey

Production Assistant – Ro Ogrentz

Lighting Design – Adrienne Petty

Costume / Set Design – Kevin Bellamy

Towle Theater
5205 Hohman Ave.
Hammond, IN 46320
(219) 937-8780

Thank You To Our Lead Show Sponsor

John F. Pelkey
Attorney At Law

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