Friday, February 10, 2012

Paul Henry's Art Gallery 2/10/12

As always, something different to enjoy. However, I did not have my head screwed on all the way this night. When I pulled out my camera it was not recognizing any flash card.  Then I looked and did not see a flash card! As it turned out, the shadow I was in at the gallery made it look like the card was not there, when all this time it was and just not fully seated.  I did not find that out until I was back home. To put more shame on this story, after I saw the flash card in the camera, I also saw my smaller capacity flash card in the other pocket of the camera bag, and did not even think to look for it when I panicked about not being able to use the camera I wanted to use. The good part of the story, this photographer had is backup camera! The not so good but I overcame part of the story, I had to re-learn that backup camera's body functions! That was a little challenging at first.

The audience changes from JAM to JAM, giving a different vibe some evenings, and perhaps just a slight change in tune other evenings.  This night was a different night than others.  To start us off was Mr. Skull shoe . . . (does the possum stomper give away who this is?)

Or as we all know him . . . Mr. Lou Shields . . .

Lou was followed by Meredith Judd (or just plain Judd if you will), who asked Michelle Milan to accompany him on piano.

Judd was very happily surprised when he saw Mary Ellen Ziegler sitting on the piano chair. He was into his song and never saw her come in. They sang a couple more songs together.

I purchased some Valentine cards created by D. K. Upshaw (Donna). She has the patience of a saint if you ask me. She comes to JAM night, listens to the artists, draws caricature at a table she sets her art up at, and is a very friendly person to talk to. She has come to the JAM every week that I have been there.

You can see the caricature D. K. Upshaw drew of me on the blog I posted the end of December (click here). Here are photos of the cards I bought from her last night . . . 

Should you need some fun, contact D.K. Upshaw at

After Judd came Michelle . . .

More gallery and audience . . .

And to think I did not even notice the heart hanging above Michelle in this photo, until I looked at the photo . . . just do not ask me to paint my surroundings or I will paint myself in a corner.  (Just one of those nights for me.)

I may have given this away with the prior photo (just above).  Next up was Don Taylor.

Followed by Rich Wotkun.

Who stayed up to accompany Carl Strain.

Next up was someone new to me . . . Kyle Douglas playing jazz guitar. A new sound for me as well, and rather good. Everyone liked Kyle's style.

Next up was Michael Hughes.  Michael reminds me of Elvis in looks, quality of voice (for me a better voice), and the women swooned this night . . . Good Going Michael!  My question, how can I do that with my photography, writing, just me????  Maybe this is why the guys are coming in reciting poetry . . .

Next up was Thomas Matecki accompanied once again by our Michelle Milan on piano.

Now this young man was great . . . Tommy McDermott.  What made him great was his charisma, voice, knowing his limitations.

Next up was Mark McKechnie . . .

Then came Michael Hanus, who gave me a lot of photo ops, so here you go . . . (click on photos to enlarge)

Then Michael and Mark teamed up . . . and thank you Tommy for loaning Mark your guitar.  I think we need to get a used house guitar for when these boys show up :)

Followed by Ben Perkins . . .

And next was Danny Hidalgo, who had a great voice, accompanied by Rich and Don on guitar.

And our last artist was Nick Brown.

For the history of blogs relating to Paul Henry's Art Gallery Thursday night JAM . . .

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