Friday, February 24, 2012

Paul Henry's Art Gallery 2/24/12

Jim Murzyn and Dave Guiden

I saw Jim (left) and Dave (right) last week at Studio 659.  They had another friend with them that played bass that night.  If you like country style music, follow them . . .

Lou Shields

Lou is still the staple of the house playing his delta bluegrass style music.  He is original and entertaining.

Michelle Milan (less the Honey)

Michelle keeps coming back with a smile, putting a smile on our faces too.

Have a Seat, Let's Jam

Don Taylor

Don brings his mellow music from my era.  I was able to see Don act in the play Sordid Lives at Beatniks on Conkey, and it was a joy to see his versatility in art.

Steve Early

Steve is doing some very nice work.  You can tell he is not one to cut short the quality of his performance, and at the same time try new stuff.  The one song he gave us a glimpse at was very good!

I did not get a photo of Riana Zona who sat with Steve on his second song.  She is an angel.  I would like to here more from the two of them.  I did take a video of Steve and Raina, however it is high res right now and would take you forever to download.  I will make some time to reduce the size so I can link it here.

Thomas Matecki and Rich Alvarez

Gallery Groupies

Spoo Willoughby

Spoo Groopie

Open Seating

Sophia Rapata

I must say I was impressed with Sophia.  Her presence looks like she belongs in front of people performing. Given I was trying color temperature settings, it made it a bit difficult to get enough shutter speed to properly frame the photos of her.  I would like to hear more of her music along with the art she creates, and to photograph more of her.  Oh, and she did bring in more art pieces this week.

Mycul Hanus and Leticia Marquez

I must say, it was fun listening to these two. They were very expressive vocally and in movement. I thought it was refreshing.

Then Accompanied by Alex Powell

When Alex joined in, the group picked it up a notch I think.  The three of them together made for some really nice music / entertainment.

Tigva Gold

Adrian Remirez

Adrian was at his best this night.  Some real soul gut digging was going on there, and great rhythm . . .

Then Second Round of Fun

The second round came.  Again, I was very impressed with the Michael, Leticia, and Alex.

With the Honey

Some People areThirsty

Lauren is either thirsty or sticking her tongue out at me.  I choose thirsty.

Then There's Spoo

History Blog for Paul Henry's Art Gallery Thursday Night JAM . . .

76th Acoustical Jam - Paul Henry's Art Gallery

For more information where to park and get in:

Also, a link to a promo video for you.  If you may also want to search "Paul Henry's Art Gallery" on YouTube for additional vids . . . Paul Henry's Art Gallery Jam Night Promo vid 

And here is a link to the gallery's home page:

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