Thursday, June 28, 2012

Paul Henry's Art Gallery 6/28/12

The funny thing was, I was actually standing near the stair steps where Emily Watson was, feeling a bit too crowded for some reason.  So I stepped back right when Lee Watson asked her to come up and sing.

Then the crowd up front kept multiplying, so I kept stepping back. All of a sudden a string of people started coming in from the front.  I thought it was the photographers that were coming from Purdue Calumet. By that time I still had not figured out what was going on. Once I saw Emily and Michael Switzer hug, I went "oh oh" and thought, "I need to start shooting photos!"

By that time there was no way I was going to get a spot for that . . . my buds John and William I think new what was up and had their cameras in position. So I ran up front and took a front row seat, then snapped a couple photos.

Boy, does this first photo remind me of scenes from Dirty Dancing . . . (I've Had) the Time of My Life . . .

And, Emily was getting nervous . . .

I knew John and William had some good angles for photography, so I quickly decided to give that up and turn the camera to video . . . though I missed the very beginning of Michael's promise, I am very very glad I took this video.

The announcement then came, "Brown Eyed Girl", and everyone knows what that meant.  Or at least the patrons of Paul Henry's.  So as that was setting up, more photos . . .

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