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Brooklyn The Musical 7/12/13

The musical could have been called Hammond, Chicago, anywhere as a matter of fact. It just happened to be Brooklyn.  Just imagine, if you can, the life around us and to put yourself there as you see this musical.

I spent most of my time enjoying the performance of each cast member. They kept me drawn in. It reminded me a lot of my first musical  I photographed at the Towle Theater, "Ordinary Days". Though the feelings were different, they also paralleled.

The only reason I would give a spoiler alert here, is because I believe you need to walk in, take in the set, the costume, the supporting music. These photos may either give it away (taking away from your enjoyment), or give you the wrong impression (I am not perfect). So, Please go see the musical first. You can come back to my blog to reminisce at a later time.

The beginning ties back to the ending. The beginning begins with a story. This story talks about a story, of a young girl trying to find her father. We see at the opening a group of musicians, the City Weeds, setting up shop on the street corner of Brooklyn, under the Brooklyn bridge. They comment on how their day is going.

We then go back in time to what started this event, this musical.  Two people in love, and yet they have two separate stories even within themselves.  Faith (more ways than one), has connected everyone.

Let me introduce you first to the cast:

Brooklyn - Kyrie Anderson

Streetsinger - Michael Carey

Paradice - Adrienne Walker

Taylor - Kevin Mackowicz

Faith - Antoinette Gomez

Brooklyn The Musical . . .

Yes, there was a lot going on in this musical. Faith led the way for each character in the musical. Sometimes all we can ask for is faith, whether in ourselves or others. Is it enough? I think it can be when we keep respect for one another at the forefront.  Am I being too idealistic?  Maybe for some, but not for me, for I have faith . . .

Next are some photos prior to rehearsal.  A special thanks to Vocal / Music Director Elizabeth Tuazon.  I have had the privilege to watch her direct the vocal and music in the last couple of shows.  The first photo below is of Elizabeth at work.

I really enjoy going to the Towle Theater. Eighteen months ago I would have never thought I would go see a play or musical. Now, I cannot get enough. They are cool. They are heart felt. The cast give you a connection that you will never find watching TV or going to the movies. The cast is real. The emotions they are digging deep to deliver to us are real. Our response is real. Every breath we take, both case and audience, can be heard / felt. What an experience!

Thank you to this seasons exclusive sponsor Accucraft Imaging Inc., and to the feature sponsor of this musical, John F. Pelkey Attorney at Law.  Their support is what helps bring the art of theater to us.

I also want to give a big thanks to Jeff Casey and Kevin Bellamy.  They have worked hard to give us our inspirations in life, through their direction and set designs.  "I know when I walk into a Jeff Casey direction and a Kevin Bellamy set . . . it is distinct in execution and design." - Wes Bushby

Production Staff

Director - Jeff Casey

Vocal / Music Director - Elizabeth Tuazon

Lighting Design - Jeff Casey

Costume & Set Design - Kevin Bellamy / Jeff Casey

Additional Costume Assistance - Mandy Dietrich

And, let us never forget our musicians who are under Elizabeth's direction . . .

Piano - Elizabeth Tuazon

Keyboard 2 - Patrick Dunaj

Reed - Larry Mechi

Guitar - Larry Sidlow

Bass - Andrew Hayden

Percussion - Randy Jamrok

Support the Arts.  Support Theater.  Support the City of Hammond.  Support the Towle Theater under the direction of Jeff Casey!!!!!  Support our other theater in Hammond too.

Towle Theater
5205 Hohman Ave.
Hammond, IN 46320
(219) 937-8780

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