Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hammond Bizarre Bazzare - 2013

This was the first year I attended this event, held at Harrison Park. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. If I had not planned other things for that same day, I would have pulled out my chair and stayed.

This was a very nice family and community event. Plenty of space, cool cars, great food, and lots for the kids to do. When I first arrived I heard what "I" thought was a professional orchestra playing. I was thinking, "so early in the morning?". When I went to investigate, I found it to be a bunch of young people performing for us. Here are the photos.

This young lady (below) and her mom I know. Well, I have met them a couple times before and fail to remember their names. What I do remember is the quick recital this young lady gave us one evening. Poised, serious about her work, supported and loved by her parents. It is always a pleasure to see her smiling face, and was a real pleasant surprise to see her perform here.

I walked around everywhere. Lots to see. Lots to talk about. 

Me being a Doctor Who fan, I was ecstatic about the vendor selling bow ties . . .

Everywhere I looked children were having fun. This is what makes this a family and community event. It is for everyone. The pony rides were definitely a favorite. One gentlemen saw me with the camera, asked the usual question if I worked for a newspaper or something (which I do not), and then asked if I would take a picture of his son on the pony for him. Of course, if you know me, I will do anything to take a picture. He offered to pay, but that is not me. I do this for free, at least for now, because I enjoy it and that I am learning. After I get some more time in, then we will see if I can make some money at it.  Check this little guy out . . .

The car show was cool. A couple cars came in while I was photographing. Now realize, I was a gear head and a hippie in my teenage days. Well, okay, I still am. That is not the point. The point is, the rumble of the engines coming down the road and smell of octane was a turn on. I did experiment a little, trying different things with the photography. Some turned out cool. Some failed. Here you go.

The Dunk Tank

Chess!!! It was nice to see a bunch of chess tables setup under a tent, and that children were playing chess. Later I saw the large chess mat outside the tent with huge chess pieces to play with. If I had the time, I would have challenged someone to play.

Kids Crafts

Fun'n Around

Baked Pie Contest


Clown'n Around

Food, and plenty of places to sit . . .

The sound of people, laughter of children, the smell of food, the splash of the dunk tank, and the live music. Well, let us add a sunny and well tempered day too. This all made for a real enjoyable time. Yes, I am planning to go next year, and to stay all day. Perhaps I can setup a booth for free photography????

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