Saturday, August 31, 2019

Arts On The Ave 2019

This was a cool event in NW Indiana . . . Arts On The Ave . . . held at downtown Hammond. The event promotes exposure for local artists, as do many of Hammond's events do. I like this location because it is next to Paul Henry's Art Gallery (PH) where I became reconnected to Art and Music, and it is next to the restaurant EAT and greenCOW Coworking, who both support the arts. Some of Christi's and my work can be found at PH and greenCow.

This event was hosted by the Downtown Hammond Council, EAT, artist Felix "Flex" Maldonado, and It's Just Serendipity.

What I liked about this event was obviously local artist. The DJ sounds were provided by Manuel "Get Down" Feliciano, who laid down some tracks for every genre of music and culture, with some requests from those who came to look at the art. (No request for Opera to my recollection, though I believe "Get Down" would have killed it if there were.)

This year six (6) secret artists were picked to create new murals on the side of EAT. They were still painting when the evening ended. So I need to go back to photograph it without a car in the way. Hence all of the photographs of the murals, because I photographed as they progressed.

Hope to see you next year!

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