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This Mother's Day I am posting some of my mom's art work. I will continue to refine this page over time, and will re-post when I do.

First is a video I put together of work she did with a Bic ball point pen. She knew she was dying of cancer, so she spent her last few months doing what she enjoyed, and in a medium she never spent a lot of time in . . . the Bic pen. She did this all from her thoughts.  No models, photos, or books to reference.  She passed away at the age of 83.  (Note:  I did this in 2010, and still do not know video.  I could not figure out how to add music, so the last few images do not have music.)

Here are some photos I found of her and of her work . . .

My one regret is, that I never asked her to teach me. Though my artistic talent still comes from her.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Jewtopia 5/3/13

Mazel tov! This play is very funny, very adult (so be age appropriate when you go), and focused around the Jewish community.  This play is not for everyone. Some will like it and some will not. That is just how it is. It is a comedy!  For me, I liked it.

Note: Opening weekend was sold out, and it looks like it will continue!!!! So, get your tickets while you can!!!!!!

One can relate to this play, asking "why so comfortable" to "why now upset", within the social structures of religion and other parts of life. If you step back and take a Big look, you might find this play echoing, in the stretched imagination, our government parties posturing themselves with "this behavior is acceptable" to "oh my God, what have you done to embarrass us?"

In the end, we learn it is about choice. We do not mock who we are or where we came from. We just exercise choice. Chris O'Connel and Adam Lipschitz want to exercise their choice, for a gentile (Chris) to date a Jewish girl, and for a Jew (Adam) to date a gentile.

At first it is Chris who has the social challenge in front of him, to become part of the fold, undercover, so he can learn how to be a Jew, and to marry a Jewish girl. Then it changes to Adam. Adam does not understand why Chris is so hyped on becoming a Jew. Adam would rather not be reminded of his roots. Chris convinces Adam that Jewish girls are "Jewtopia", and that he can find Adam a Jewish girl. So they make a pact to help each other.

At the end everyone wins. They exercised their choice, against the odds of the social structure of religion, and maintained dignity. As I wrote, this play may not be for everyone. It is, a comedy!  I do recommend you go see it, if not to laugh, then to learn.

Here are the characters starting with the character name followed by the actors name . . .

Adam Lipschitz - Will Snyder

Chris O'Connell - Aaron Itzcak

Bad Dates / Jill / Nurse - Sabrina Conti

Arlene Lipschitz / Marcy Cohen - Sherry Sweeney

Rabbi Schlomo / Grandfather Irving - Kevin Sherman

Dennis Lipschitz / Singles Mixer Guy - Dan Ball

Rachel Khan - Jin You

Here are some photos of the play for you to enjoy . . .

Jewtopia! This scene explains what it is . . . a utopia of Jewish girls to date. As Chris says Jewtopia, you can hear the heavens sound in the background, which Adam apparently is the only one who hears. (Adam is looking up in the next photo, trying to figure out what that sound is.)

So, they make a pact. Adam will help Chris become more Jewish, while Chris will help Adam date Jewish girls.

JDate! This starts Adams dating of Jewish girls . . . 155 dates worth . . .

Of course Chris, has become sort of a pro on dating. You need a shtick, several of them. So Adam dresses as different "Adams" while Chris writes Adam's profiles and photographs him for JDate.

Adam quickly wants to see if there are any hits on any of his profile on JDate, and Chris has to remind him this is not instantaneous. It will take some time. However, "chime" . . . a message arrives and Adam starts to freak out. You then understand why he has not pushed himself to date a lot . . . he is a nervous man when it comes to dating.

Now we find out about Adam's nervous problems . . .

As Chris corresponds (for Adam) to the JDate contact, you can see her (the contact) at the other end of the scene communicating back. Now remember, communication is not just written, not just verbal, and not just in body language. It is all of that, and this JDate contact is every bit of that. This was one of the many funny and great scenes.

When E.F. Hutton speaks everyone listens.  Or should I say, when the Rabbi speaks, you know who not only listens, but answers . . .

Adam has helped to Chris get back in grace with Mrs. Cohen and her daughter, and Adam is preparing Chris on how to act in the restaurant that he is to take them to.

Top 10 list on how not to be identified as a Gentile . . .

And now Adam gets to go on his dates as different "Adams", to find a Jewish girlfriend.

Dossier of Marcy Cohen . . . she was pretending to be a Jew, how can she lie like that!

What is rich about this play is how it was conceived. Here you have two struggling actors, Sam Wolfson and Bryan Fogel, ready to give it up if they could not make it by age 30. Wow, they will never have to give it up now!

I cannot deny credit to any actor. However, I do like to spotlight actors who did their part as they needed to, even if they were not the main character(s). I thought Sabrina Conti and Kevin Sherman were great!!!! They shown me their depth, being able to make me believe in them as their characters dictated (with humor). Bravo!

Of course, none of this would be possible without the production staff:

Director - Marty Grubbs

Lighting Design - Jeff Casey

Costume / Set Design - Kevin Bellamy

And of course, this seasons sponsor:

Come join us at . . .

Towle Theater
5205 Hohman Avenue
Hammond, IN  46320

(219) 937-8780

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