Friday, September 6, 2019

"The Smell Of The Kill" - Towle Theater

You find yourself in the same routine with your friends as husbands and wives, doing what the husbands want; for the husbands to have fun together in another room as the wives wait on them. After all these years Molly, Debra and Nicky really have no more to talk about other than who has the next turn and why was this time my turn. 

Your typical gossip as one leaves the room, returns and then the other. Just to realize after you made the faux pas mistake to talk about the other when the baby monitor was turned on. Now things have changed. Tempers now rise after all these years. Things are said. Things are done, with a bang, until you forget all about your husbands who had been pushing your buttons behind closed doors in the basement.

After the women finally lay it all out, they break out some more wine, then realize . . . why don’t we hear the men anymore? Well, they do take advantage of that moment, freeing themselves from their burdens, becoming best friends once again, and fighting over who gets to host next. The in between part of all this you have to go see for yourself!

A great cast! The quirkiness of each character was presented very well. Each so different for most of the play, then of common character near the end, for good reason.


Mary Collie — Molly

Wendy Hayne — Debra

Katherine Wettermann — Nicky

Zack Hebert — Danny

Rob Ibanez — Marty

Ian Rig — Jay

Moral of the play . . . do not buy a meat locker . . . or, be nice to your wife.


Vanis Salon & Day Spa

DG Law, David Gladish


Director — Suzanne Nyhan

Assistant Director — Jeff Casey

Set/Costume Designer — Kevin Bellamy

Lighting Designer & Operator — Adrienne Petty

Towle Theater
5205 Hohman Ave.
Hammond, IN 46320
(219) 937-8780

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