Saturday, November 18, 2017

greenCOW Coworking

Having a lot of photographs at greenCOW Coworking in Hammond, IN, I was asked to come and support them during the City of Hammond 10th annual Holiday Kickoff Celebration to photograph their open to the public event. I did not know what that exactly meant, however I did get to see "A Christmas Story" three times! That was exciting because I have never watched it from beginning to end before. Just parts of it.

Friends were there, like artist Gary L Price, who's work you can either buy in person, or through his Etsy site. Besides friends there, the community was welcomed to walk through and to stop and play some games and to make things. Me, I ate the cookies.

Here are some photographs I took. Mostly of Gary because I enjoy his art. I do own a few pieces . . .

If you are starting your business, need some space to start out at, need some help with growing your entrepreneurial business, greenCOW Coworking may be the place for you. Check them out!

greenCOW Coworking
5209 Hohman Ave
Hammond, IN 46320

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