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Romeo & Juliet 4/5/14

I am so happy to have found the Towle Theater. They (the theater and all involved) bring something to The Region, to Me, that is important in life. They bring an uplifting presence, a cornerstone to our community, a personal journey. All because they are heart felt into theater. Just like I am in my photography.

The Towle Theater Youth Ensemble were great tonight. I expect nothing less under the direction of Jeff Casey. I know the cast has learned a lot. I know it has been a struggle to get there, because I see the talent being left on stage. Each cast member is unique, on their personal journey. They are finding their way through the direction of Jeff Casey. They are creating their own Self along the way too. This is what makes it fun for me, to see the Youth ensemble return. To see them change.  Change is good.  (I have had the privilege of photographing a couple of them before.)

I am a bit reserved as a person. Perhaps more than a bit. I came into the theater this evening not realizing their would be an audience. So I quickly and quietly kitted up. Then Jeff introduced me. That caught me off guard.  He gave me the chance to tell the world why and what I photograph. I am no different than the Youth Ensemble who performed this day. Both of us are on our journey, creating our craft, sharing it with the world, and choosing this beautiful place, the Towle Theater, to be part of that journey.

Enough of the Towle Theater and me. Let us enjoy the Youth Ensemble as they perform an adaptation of, Romeo & Juliet.

There are some spoilers here, so if you want to go see the play first, you should. For me (and you have to choose for yourself), these are not really spoilers. I think this is more of a motivation to go see our Youth Ensemble. This may also help you settle in quickly on what to expect, so you can sit back and better enjoy their performance. Your choice!

Our Cast

Romeo - Drew Adams

Nurse / Friar John - Elise Bereolos

Paris / Abraham - Aaron Coppelo

Director - Jeff Casey

Lady Capulet / Apothecary - Lauren Florek

Lady Montague / Watchman - Julia Fugger

Capulet / Gregory - Diego Garcia

Prince / Sampson - Connor Khoury

Juliet - Claire LeMonnier

Mercutio / Watchman - Harry Ogrentz

Friar Laurence / Benvolio - Thomas Speranza

Montague - Andrew Zachary

Page - Onteya Zachary

Tybalt / Balthasar - Sergio Zarate

I really enjoyed the introduction of this play, by Jeff Casey and the cast. As Jeff was speaking to us at before the show started, the cast took their places in a random, very non obtrusive way. I thought this was a beautiful approach for bringing the cast on stage. A change up to the typical rush take your position approach. It set the tone for the play.

What you will want to know to make this even more enjoyable:

Time - Present

Scene 1 - Auditions

Scene 2 - Table Read, a few days later

Scene 3 - Tech Week, a few weeks later

Scene 4 - Final Fight Rehearsal, a few days later

Scene 5 - Act V of Romeo and Juliet. Opening night

This play was actually inspiring to me. One would not think that being Romeo & Juliet. Traditionally this would be thought of as a tragic play.  However, this is a play of a play. The adaption has made this inspiring for me. Inspiring because it takes you through the cast's experience to perform this play, in a play itself.

What gets us through the day is inspiration.  The Towle Theater Youth Ensemble are just that . . . our inspiration.  We get caught in the hustle and bustle of life.  The parents of the Youth Ensemble can take this inspiration from their young adults whom they have nurtured through life.  They can sit back and say WOW, my son or daughter has just pulled me out of my day-to-day to give me a memory, an inspiration, that will get me through days to come.

The inspiration I see in performers are what drives me to photograph them. (Among others.) It also drives me to select what photos I present.  I am presenting the vibe I felt at that time, from those on the lens side of the camera.  Being a first for me tonight, photographing a play with an audience behind me, I was a bit reserved, which typically with camera in hand I am not. I do wish I had taken more photos to capture what this Youth Ensemble gave us.  I never beat myself up, for this is part of my learning.

Thanks again to the Towle Theater's sponsor, Accucraft Imaging Inc.  It takes money to put on the plays and musicals that we adore here at the Towle Theater.  I would ask that you donate a little here and a little there.  All of our "littles" add up to a great season that will inspire us going forward.  Okay, perhaps you are thinking it now.  I will say it . . . pay it forward.  To let you know, I do this photography for free.

Accucraft Imaging Inc.
5920 Hohman Avenue
Hammond, IN
(219) 933-3007

Let us not forget . . .

Ensemble Staff

Assistant Director - Logan Shade

Light / Sound Board Operator - Mike McCue

Costume Crew - Brianna Dittmer

Production Staff

Director - Jeff Casey

Adaptor - Patrick Stapinski

Costume Design - Kevin Bellamy

And of course where can you find this and future performances?

Towle Theater
5205 Hohman Ave.
Hammond, IN 46320
(219) 937-8780

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