Friday, July 12, 2019

"Strings" at the Towle Theater

Book by Sarah Hammond
Music and Lyrics by Adam Gwon
Presented through special arrangement with The Gersh Agency and the Authors.

Growing up we either read, saw a movie, or heard somewhere about the Greek myths how they argued and became at odds with each other. What all the Greek Gods found in common was not be on the wrong side of Zeus, or your fate would be chosen for you. 

Well, Lachesis and her sisters Atropos and Clothe did just that. They stuck to the rules of the tapestry and angered Zeus. So Zeus taught them a lesson of their own peril. Or was it? The tapestry could not have predicted this fate! 

So you and your sisters are Goddesses, you are stuck on earth with specks, you cannot be seen by anyone, and you have to keep up work at the office (sort of speaking). What do you do? You fit in with the hum of the people in the building so as not to be noticed, fall in love with what earth has to offer I guess (if that’s your thing), while at the same time determine every human’s destiny. It is that simple. (Ya right.) 

This musical directed by Jeff Casey is at the top of my list. The actors are great, showing us the world of the Greek Goddesses and their work, to the everyday of life in the building and how they can intermix. The music conducted by our great Elizabeth Tuazon was wonderful and seamless. You need to go see this musical to find out the heartfelt ending, and the joy of this production. Oh, and watch out for the vending machines. They can be Transformers of sort.


Mikaela Sullivan — Atropos 

Stephanie Naumoff — Lachesis 

Carolyn Waldee — Clotho 

Elliot Bibat — Mickey 

Spencer Douglas — O’Brien

Helen Knudsen — Geneva/Night 

Mary Laura Godby — Proofreader Gal 

Alex Iacobucci — HR Guy 

Nikki Krzebiot — Temp Chick 

Quinn Rigg — Man in Suit/Zeus

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Director — Jeff Casey

Vocal / Music Director — Elizabeth Tuazon

Assistant Director — Ariana Kanaya

Lighting Designer & Operator — Adrienne Petty

Set/Costume Designer — Kevin Bellamy


Piano — Elizabeth Tuazon

Violin — Mallory Jullian

Viola — Elena Levi

Cello — Aaron Zemelko

Bass — Ava Neal

Percussion — Roye Robley

Towle Theater
5205 Hohman Ave.
Hammond, IN 46320
(219) 937-8780

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