Friday, May 3, 2019

Mama's Boy at the Towle Theater

Mama's Boy

A Drama By Rob Urbinati

Presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc.

This is a very interesting play. You do not get to see people's lives up to, during, and after a tragedy. You see what the news (and today social media) gives you. Rob Urbinati did a wonderful job telling a story of the Oswald family. For me it filled a lot of gaps of possible understanding, and purposefully left questions unanswered because they still are not answered today.

The play jumps around in time with purpose, which helps to guide how this tragedy could have happened. It is a different way to connect the dots as it were, and I found it to be effective.

The cast was great. Martin who plays Lee Harvey Oswald does a very nice job being comfortable and reckless during his portrayal of Lee Harvey Oswald's life. R.J. Cecott who plays Lee Harvey Oswald's brother does a very wonderful job showing his emotion towards his mother, and later in the play towards his sister in-law. Rose O'Leary who plays Lee Harvey Oswald's wife shows us how she tries to not get involved with the tensions between mother and sons, while showing she is Russian learning the American language and culture. The monologues from Suzanne Nyhan who played Lee Harvey Oswald's mother was done so well that you wonder if the mother was a major cause of Lee Harvey Oswald's actions.

Circumstances projected Suzanne Nyhan into this role, having one week to study it. Seeing the technical rehearsal before opening night, one would not have known. She portrayed the ever loving mother of Lee Harvey Osweld superbly, along with her assertion to be a family with her sons, daughter in-law, and grandchild. A lot of lines as the lead in this play, and bravo!

This is not a play to be missed. The circumstances are part of our history, along with the unanswered (and still unanswered) question of Why?


Suxanne Nyhan  Marguerite Oswald

Martin Downs  Lee Harvey Oswald

Rose O'Leary  Marina Oswald

R.J. Cecott  Robert Oswald



Thank you to our season sponsor!

Leon Dombrowski & Seda Turan


Director — Jeff Casey

Assistant Director — Suzanne Nyhan

Set/Costume Designer — Kevin Bellamy

Lighting Designer & Operator — Adrienne Petty

Fight Choreographer — Max Fabian

Towle Theater
5205 Hohman Ave.
Hammond, IN 46320
(219) 937-8780

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