Sunday, March 22, 2015

Angel Hair - Artist Opening 3/22/15

My first time at Angel Hair in Griffith, IN. My home town. The art event this evening was "exploding Heads!!! A Cultural Dissection Art Show". Lots of friends in the show, and at the show. There was also music.

It is nice to see people out enjoying themselves. Enjoying the arts. It is peaceful. Breathtaking. A harmonizing of people. Put all that in a venue that speaks the same voice, you have Angel Hair in Griffith. Both the establishment, and patrons, are great.

Here are some photos of the evening, starting with my bud Paul at work.

Salon chair spinning . . .

Had to stop goofing around and take a real photo.

Sophia at play . . .

Check it out:

Angel Hair Cafe
142 S. Broad St.
Griffith, IN  46319

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