Saturday, October 18, 2014

Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?

Book by John R. Powers

Music and Lyrics by James Quinn and Alaric Jans

The Towle Youth Theater Ensemble (TYTE) really shined in this musical. I photographed them earlier this year in Romeo & Juliet. This musical blew that out of the water. All of the actors were really good. They made you believe they were seasoned actors.

I am not Catholic, hence, did not go to a Catholic school. From listening to my Catholic friends, this musical represented what I had heard. It still proves that children will be children no matter where they are. They will experience life because that is what motivates them. They will experience within different structures, whether Catholic or public school. In the end, no matter what life challenges you with, everyone should follow their passionate dream and making it come true. You cannot go wrong if it is from the heart.


Eddie Ryan - Aaron Cappello 

Becky Bakowski - Julia Fugger 

Felix Lindor - Harry Ogrentz

Virginia Lear - Chloe Jancosek

Louie Schlang - Connor Khoury 

Mary Kenny - Claire LeMonnier

Mike Depki - Alex Traina 

Nancy Ralansky - Elise Bereolos

Sister Monica/Secretary - Brianna Dittmer


Sister Helen - Stephanie Sepiol

Sister Lee Gayle - Faulkner Kosalko

Father O'Reilly - Kevin Bellamy

Now for the photos . . .

Typical, for children of any background, to tease others. Mostly because they could. Mostly because they do not truly understand cause and affect, conditioning, what being hurt is. In the next 2 photos, Eddie was being teased by his class mates about being with Becky. (That was me in 5th grade, with Crystal.)

I have to believe actors learn about life much earlier than most. They play different roles, whether being overbearing, or taking the brunt of a joke in a play or musical. They have to put their feelings out there. The TYTE dug deep to pull this off, on all levels. For this, I trust they will help protect others from whatever abuse they can identify as they go through life. Still, children will be children and will learn in their own way. This is where I believe the Catholic schools, or any other religious school, brings structure to help identify right and wrong. Children will test those waters in school, and find consequences in that controlled environment.

Even within the religious school system, faith is being tested every day by children. Making fun of fellow classmates, at times, who choose to "go with the program".

As if being different is bad enough. Being different, and becoming different the very next day because of a simple hair cut, can make you a target for the other children. Again, the TYTE did an excellent job portraying what is common in school, and the strength you need to overcome.

A little levity in real life, or in a musical, is always needed. You need structure, however, the level of seriousness should not diminish the learning experience. Just the opposite. It should make it fun, with maybe a little slap across the knuckles or head, to keep you aligned with the purpose.

These next two photos remind me of my bride Christi. Always dreaming, hoping . . .

I cannot say enough how impressed I was with the TYTE. This musical brings back my child hood days. A reflection of what was good, and how I learned to change.

This musical could not have been pulled off without the assistance of staff.  So here they are:

Ensemble Staff

Assistant Director /Stage Manager - Isabel (Isy) Zuniga 

Assistant Musical Director - Lauren Florek

Lights / Sound - Logan Spade

Crew - Aiden Varela and Cameron Adams

Production Staff

Director - Jeff Casey

Musical/Vocal Director - Elizabeth Tuazon

Set/Costume Design - Kevin Bellamy 

Sponsored By

Season Sponsor

Towle Theater
5205 Hohman Ave.
Hammond, IN 46320
(219) 937-8780

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