Thursday, January 5, 2023

Paul Henry's Thursday JAM 474

Times change things around us. Our personal change will cause us to rethink importance. What does not change is the importance of an event like the Paul Henry's Thursday night acoustical JAM.

This art gallery in the corner of Hammond, Indiana, people come to the Thursday night acoustical JAM to enjoy the new artists and musicians of the region. People rotate in and out through the years. There is small core of people who have committed themselves to having fun, to being supportive of the arts, to being supportive of Paul Henry's Art Gallery. We may have changed our view on importance. It still remains, that this art gallery and musical venue is important.

We are testing time, without even knowing it. Paul Henry's has re-opened. It is time to make it strong again. So, I do my part. I show my photographs there, and I present to you in this blog what has already happened. Time for you to experience it yourself!

Here are a few photographs from the evenings event. I could not stay in its entirety. I do have to work the next day. Still, I do remember hanging out all night there, going home to work on the photos I had just taken, and being at work the next morning tired. Age is creeping up on me. I may probably will squeeze in another full length evening now and again, for the same reason that you do have to be there to really take it in.

Paul Henry's Art Gallery
416 Sibley St.
Hammond, IN 46329
(219) 678-5015

(phone ahead to confirm times, or to make an appointment)

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