Friday, July 8, 2016

The House of Mirrors & Hearts 7/8/16

The US premiere of, "The House Of Mirrors & Hearts"

Music & Lyrics Eamonn O'Dwyer, Book by Eamonn O'Dwyer & Rob Gilbert
Developed and Licensed by Perfect Pitch Musicals

You go along in life with a simple happy life with a family.  Tragedy hits, changing your family to what seems forever. Reality is hidden because nobody knows what happened, until a guest arrives who sees, becomes curious, and asks questions. However the family does not want you to ask questions.

Nathan has a project which he needs time to work on. He becomes a guest at a lodge to do his work, and gets a weird feeling that the family running the lodge is hiding something. Their dysfunction gives it away. His questions do make the family and "guest" look at themselves. Like looking into a mirror to relive the tragedy, trying to find an answer.

Mirrors & Hearts have something in common. They can both be broken. Though one needs replaced when broken, the other needs to mend. Yet even a broken heart can be replaced by one of love, as it does for one individual.

During the musical you have a slight tingle in the back of your neck that something is going on. You try to figure it out. When it reaches the end, wham, right in the face. You are shocked, then re-shocked. You think back and wonder why you missed (or failed to see) the signs. This is one of those times you want to go back and watch the musical again, to recognize with new eyes all the skillful craft of writing, acting, and directing that took you on this journey.

Cast in order of appearance . . .

Anna - Kelly Bourget

Young Lily - Paige Lichnerowicz

Young Laura - Claire LeMonnier

Lily - Chloe Rodabaugh

Laura - Maggie Ward

David - Kevin Bellamy

Nathan - Ian Rigg

This musical took you on a journey of this family. It is well written, keeping you engaged with a couple layers of life. This musical does surprise you at the end. For me it was not just the double shock from the story not told, but that it went by so fast. Not that I needed more. It did a superb job of engaging me.

All of the actors were great. I connected with all of them, and would like to honor all of them for sharing the stage with, and for each other. The blend of individuals to tell a story was perfect.

One actor has his photography on exhibit. Ian Rigg, who plays Nathan. This is why I had to stress the credit in the above paragraph, so that it does not seem like I am singling Ian out over the others. Please take some time to see Ian's exhibit.

A special thanks to all involved!


Piano Elizabeth Tuazon
Multi Reed Larry Meschi
Cello Helena Taft

Production Staff

Director Jeff Casey
Vocal/Music Director Elizabeth Tuazon
Stage Manager Chris Diaz
Dialect Coach Lauren Demerath
Lighting Design Jeff Casey
Light Board Operator Adrienne Petty
Set/Costume Design Kevin Bellamy
Set Construction Assistance Chris Diaz & Darek Kowal
Technical Assistance Adrienne Petty

Lead Show Sponsor

Purdue University Northwest

Feature Show Sponsor

John F. Pelkey, Attorney At Law

Towle Theater
5205 Hohman Ave.
Hammond, IN 46320
(219) 937-8780

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