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First Date 4/22/16

I want to see this musical comedy again, and again, and again! "First Date" is a hilarious (and serious at times) musical comedy that keeps you entertained all the way through. You feel awkward at times for the two of them. You see their inner voices talking to them, pushing them to keep the date going, and how not to make mistakes. Sometimes those inner voices can be totally new.

There is a lot of truth in this musical comedy. The main actors show you how it really is, without guise as to what the dating scene can be. I related to the honesty, the keeping life simple if things are going to work, and to work at it if you want it to work. The supporting actors put you in a trance with their change in character, their emotion, their presentation. This is one of the few musicals, and even plays if I roll that in, that I would go see twice (or again, and again, and again).

Here is the wonderful cast for this production, starting with their character name.

Casey - Mandi Corrao

Aaron - Brian Fimoff

Women 1 - Antoinette Gomez

Man 1 - Brandon Denton

Woman 2 - Emily Reeves 

Man 2 - Matthew Huston 

Man 3 - Dan Brennan

Here are some photos from the show. SPOILER ALERT! I do have comments that may spoil it for you. So go see the musical first! Do not use my blog as an excuse not to go!!!

Personally, I do not see the problem giving the other person a hug when first meeting on the first date. Though the audience, and the date, took it differently.

So, how many of you made plans for a "bail out" of the date? A phone call from a friend maybe? This gave the musical a very funny direction, and it was performed brilliantly! Bravo!

That moment, when you did not even think about it, the "religion" comment comes up. How would you handle it? This is another very funny scene. It pulls you in such that you never felt like you were in a musical. Rather, it was like watching everything fly by as if it was in your dream. Very well done.

Ah, the time in the date where you have an awkward pause. You fiddle around maybe, or you think of another topic (or at least try). This part in the musical (how the supporting cast filled that awkward pause moment) was funny.

Now for "date shock", where you prank your date to see how they can take it.

First date rule #1, do not bring up your "X", or even think of your "X", because it will bring back both good and bad memories . . .

Yes, it does seem like everything can be found on the Internet these days. I am not sure I would have researched in my time. Still, it made for some ice-breakers for these two.

Did you ever find your mind wondering on your date, thinking of "more fun" dates?

And how many dates have ended in, "we can be friends"? (Too many of mine!)

All I can say is that this scene was wonderfully done. Great emotion and voice.

When your date asks you to talk about your past, watch out!

I cannot say that I ever had a problem taking the check. At least I thought it was expected of me, and the lady I was with never argued. Though, this moment at the end of dinner can be a bit awkward, like the awkward pause.

I can say, I have in several occasions let the other person walk out, without chasing them. I regretted every moment throughout my life, until I met my bride Christi.

In the end, if you truly believe in someone, it will work out. It does take some work to get through it as "First Date" has shown us. Do not give up . . . and be true to yourself.

What a wonderfully written and directed show. Where did you go on your first date? Did you go to an indoor or outdoor movie? Did you go to a indoor restaurant say White Castle or perhaps to a drive-in like Blue Top? Did you have your own car, or did you borrow your parents car? Perhaps you had to be chaperoned! (This musical has its specific setting.)

Thank you to everyone involved in this production. I would like to take this time to thank personnaly Elizabeth Tuazon, the vocal/music director for the time and talent she brings to the Towle Theater.

Production Staff

Director - Jeff Casey
Vocal/Music Director - Elizabeth Tuazon
Dance Captain - Matthew Huston
Tap Choreography - Matthew Huston & Emily Reeves
Kickline Choreography - Matthew Huston & Emily Reeves
Lighting Design - Jeff Casey
Light Board Operation - Adrienne Petty (also known as Jorge in the show)
Set/Costume Design - Kevin Bellamy
Set Construction Assistance - Richard DeFreese
Technical Assistance - Adrienne Petty


Piano - Elizabeth Tuazon
Multi Reed - Larry Meschi
Guitar - Eulando Rhone
Bass - Don Parker
Percussion - Roy Robley

A very special thanks to this musical's sponsor, Albert's Diamond Jewelers! Without sponsors like Albert's, we would not have the quality plays and musicals that are so worth putting on at the Towle Theater!

Towle Theater
5205 Hohman Ave.
Hammond, IN 46320
(219) 937-8780

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