Saturday, July 14, 2018

"Fun Home" at Towle Theater

Such a strong cast and beautiful performance. I thought it strange before the photo shoot that the Director (Jeff Casey) did not give any final instructions to the cast. This was because the casting was perfect, the practice and performance beyond reproach.

Fun Home? As a child I believe home is always fun. At least it was for me. This home, however, has its uniqueness. Is it a museum?  Is it a home?  Is it a mortuary? In all, it is a fun home with this family's problems.

Do not forget about the "airplane" at the beginning of the musical, because you will be cheerfully connected if you spot the ques near the end.

For me this musical rated up there to "Ordinary Days" that I photographed several years ago as my first "on-stage" photo shoot.  It was so extraordinary, like "Fun Home" is in it's own way. Jeff Casey has done one of his bests, in my book, directing this. It does help to have such a strong cast, as found in the casting.

Go see these artists perform. Let Alison take you through her life as she writes her memoir, her map of her life. Let small Alison help you see into her life as she interacts with her dad and siblings.  Let medium Alison find her happiness which she expresses so very well.

The other cast members need equal recognition. Without them this musical at the Towle Theater would not be as special as it is. Each played their part to support the show and to make it real for us. There individual characters are played to their extent to help share concerns or motivations one might have in this scenario. Thank you!

Alison   Meghan Hoyt
Medium Alison   Nicole Baker
Small Alison   Stella Hoyt
Bruce   Gino Generelli
Helen   Heather Clark
Roy/Mark/Pete/Bobby  Jeremy Lewis Rawlinson
Joan   Rebecca Buechel
Christian   Jackson Lopez
John   Derek Diehl





















Production Staff

Director —  Jeff Casey 

Vocal/Music Director —  Elizabeth Tuazon
Lighting Design & Operator —  Adrienne Petty
Set/Costume Design —  Kevin Bellamy

Piano — Elizabeth Tuazon
Guitar —  Robert West
Violin —  Shannon Yardley
Cello —  Nick Burrell 
Bass —  Carter Bisel
Multi-Reed —  Larry Meschi
Percussion —  Roye Robley

Towle Theater
5205 Hohman Ave.
Hammond, IN 46320
(219) 937-8780

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