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Clue The Musical 10/19/13

Clue The Musical
Book by Peter DePietro
Lyrics by Tom Chiodo
Music by Galen Blum, Wayne Barker, Vinnie Martucci

Oh yes, I enjoy photographing musicals, plays, improv, and in any order they come at me. I really enjoy making the connection of my emotion at that instant, with the character(s) I am photographing. I really enjoyed today's photo shoot because I felt very proud and privileged to have witnessed for my first time, the Towle Youth Theater Ensemble (TYTE).

As I write this I cannot help to think, and hope, that other actors who have striven through this same process of learning will take the time to see a youth presentation such as this. I think it would even re-energize them, seeing the fun of it all from a youth perspective  and bringing that fun (if lost) back into their own self today. As my motto goes, "Carpe Diem! Contribute to the play of life!"

Clue The Musical is very entertaining, not only because of the cast, but also because of the audience interaction that is needed. Don't be fearful, there is no pressure to participate. Still, because of this cast can pull you in, you Will find yourself involved in some way all on your own.

"Who killed Mr. Boddy, and what room and with what weapon?" This question, shown on the website for this musical, entices you to become a sleuth. I think it is in our nature to want to solve a problem, a mystery, to be the first to find the answer. Somewhat because we are competitive, more so because we are curious.

No spoiler alerts in this blog with respect to written word. I cannot say that for sure with just the photos, for I do believe you will begin the process of solving this mystery. So with that, Go See The Musical First!!!!

Mr. Boddy - Jack Reed

Mrs. Peacock - Claire LeMonnier

Professor Plum - Thomas Speranza

Miss Scarlet - Peyton Tinder

Colonel Mustard - Sergio Zarate

Mrs. White - Harry Orgrentz

Mr. Green - Jeremy Miller

Detective - Lauren Florek

Clue The Musical

This next photo is of the audience participation . . .

Loved Miss White. One would think, because of this great acting, that the stereotypical maid/butler is who did it. Though each character was great in presenting "they could have done it", I think Miss White was the one I wanted to point my finger to.  Of course I am never wrong, right?

This next scene was good. Yes, it was stereotyping a Clue mystery, however done very well, and helped with keeping you "off pace" yet "in the know".  Fun too . . .

These two actors, playing the part of Miss Scarlet and Mr. Green, were very charismatic all through the musical.

Looking through my photographs and recalling this specific item when I photographed, it was pretty cool to see the possible "instruments of death" hanging on the walls during the different scenes. It played on your mind, potentially throwing you off in solving the case, yet keeping you engaged in solving the case. Intended? I do not know. I do know I liked the affect.

Mrs. Peacock was "in her character" portraying "money is everything" and perhaps, "money can buy a murderer". Yes, she had her reasons. They all had their reasons. Mrs. Peacock was just too cool and calm to count her out.

Mr. Boddy was a great host for his own murder. He reminded me a bit of Rob Searling from The Twilight Zone, debonair, assured, and yes you wanted to bump him off as well . . .


I enjoyed the Detective. Columbo in movement, Charlie Chan in questioning, very "Lauren" in nature. The use of the Detective in this musical was great, and was played great.  I enjoyed watching the Detective "do here thing".

I cannot forget to mention the Musical Director, Elizabeth Tuazon. The vocals from this youth ensemble, to me, were inspired by Elizabeth. They took her direction, and made this musical, well, a musical . . .

You will probably not pick up why I am showing the next few photos. The effect was good. The person singing at that moment is the person standing upright.

Thank you to Michael McCue for the lighting. This made Stars out of all the actors, and made my job easy!!!

The suspect interview . . . but who are the suspects?

Oh, don't think I gave this away people . . . I haven't . . . nor will I!!!!

I know I keep saying, "go see this". I do mean it. Every time.

The Towle Youth Theater Ensemble were great. They deserve our support. They deserve the support from seasoned actors. They deserve the support from the sponsors. They have earned my support. Go see them so they will have the chance to earn your support !

My understanding is that not all of the Towle Youth Theater Ensemble are selected for character roles. However, there is still plenty to do.

Assistant Directors - Elise Bereolos & Aaron Cappello

Stage Managers - Georgina Tyderek & Maddie McCue

Lighting - Michael McCue

I could never forget the people who have brought The Towle Theater to the forefront in our community:

Jeff Casey - Director

Elizabeth Tuazon - Musical Director

I will also give thanks to Kevin Bellamy.  Though he was not directly involved in this production, he is always indirectly involved assisting others.

Towle Theater
5205 Hohman Ave.
Hammond, IN 46320
(219) 937-8780

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