Friday, May 6, 2022

"Hope And Gravity" - Towle Theater

"Hope And Gravity"

By Michael Hollinger


Jill / Barb — Allie Charton

Steve — Martin Downs

Peter / Hal — Connor Green

Marty / Douglas — Jared Sheldon

Tanya / Nan — Linda Cunningham

First off, great casting! I really enjoyed these actors in their roll(s). I have to say Allie, who portrayed Jill and Barb, fooled me. All the way through the play I thought there were two actors. Great character and costume change pulled it off.

So, you must have hope and not let gravity get you down. Time line or not, there are always moments to cherish no matter what the arrangement, and to know that hope is what gets you through. Sometimes the gravity of a moment can prove fatal. Sometimes like a poem, or a rhyme, this play is a couple becoming engaged a meeting at the elevator that now becomes non-engaged just to be engaged again to meet the elevator person and along the way understand poetry so that you can rhyme for a living, giving hope. Well, sort of.

Do not fret, this well planned arrangement of time (giving focus) definitely helps you see the cast of five in their multiple roles, which can fool you to think there are more people in the cast than there are. At least for me. Well executed. Well presented. Well acted. Well directed. This is one I want to see again.

Oh, and before you forget, run out and get your subscription to Elevator World so we can stay connected. And no worries, you will not forget to laugh out loud.

I enjoyed this next act. It was was very powerful . . .

Production Staff

Director — Susanne Nyhan

Assistant Director — Kara Nyhnan

Lighting Design — Jeff Casey

Set/Costume Design — Kevin Bellamy

Towle Theater
5205 Hohman Ave.
Hammond, IN 46320
(219) 937-8780

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