Friday, December 14, 2012

Oliver Brown Exhibit - Cornerstone Art Gallery 12/14/12

This year has been fabulous for me.  I have learned I really enjoy photography, that others enjoy my photography, and that there is a place for me in photography.

The CornerStone Art Gallery, in Whiting Indiana, was hosting their annual Oliver Brown Exhibit. I was honored to have three of my photographs accepted for the exhibit, and to be exhibiting next to some friends who I highly admire.

The three photos I exhibited were different for me.  The one piece of Mary Margaret, titled "Simple Light", meant the most.  First, because this was the first time I photographed someone of importance, who's beauty just shined from her eyes.

After this photo was taken, Mary Margaret's life basically turned upside down this year.  It was not until very recent I found out she is doing okay, and that she graciously signed some of the photographs I took of her and are being mailed back.  When I take a photo, I remember it.  I remember the reason, the emotion, that caused me to take the photograph, then later selection to show the world.  This photo means a lot to me, and I hope it shows.

Now, onto the evening. Ed Smaron and Lou Shields blessed us with their music this evening. An evening that was put together by Chantene Sabrina Stephens, and an evening that produced a lot of joy for all who attended. Very well organized, and very well hosted.

You probably noticed, there are no photos of the exhibit itself. Just the event of the opening. Photographing the event seemed more important to me. It was well orchestrated, fun, and with friends, both close and just friends.

The exhibit is on display until January 4th. I encourage you to go see my work, and that of my fellow artists.

CornerStone Art Gallery
(inside the Centier Bank)
1500 - 119th Street
Whiting, IN

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