Friday, October 20, 2017

Heathers The Musical 10/20/17

By Laurence O'Keefe & Kevin Murphy

What a wonderful performance by the Towle Youth Theater Ensemble (TYTE)!!! I could not have been more proud of them during this photography shoot. Everyone was superb. Great acting, and I have to say a profound outcome of good directing.

From my vantage point, with the cast of 20 of our youth, and multiple roles played by 3 of them, this seamless performance was a real joy. Everyone hit their marks with enthusiasm, intent, and so heart felt that you felt you could be at a Broadway show.

Hats off to the cast and all who supported them. Especially Jeff Casey the director. I assure you the cast made him proud. A list of everyone's names is at the end of the blog. Enjoy the photographs!

I have to say, I enjoyed Julia playing the part of Heather Chandler. She was strong, as the part required. This particular scene was meant to be a little over the top, and she played it perfectly.

Cali played the part of Martha Dunnstock. Her character was low key, written into the musical here and there. Her performance as an actor was the best I have seen. She nailed the role, and her voice was so wonderful to listen to. Bravo Cali! (Hence why there are so many photos in this series.)


Laila Wenrich – Veronica Sawyer

Logan Hoskins – Jason “JD” Dean

Julia Fugger – Heather Chandler

Kelly Collins – Heather McNamara

Tenley Edvardsen – Heather Duke

Cali Grzybowski – Martha Dunnstock

Adam Mohrs – Kurt Kelly

Joshua Bossette – Ram Sweeney

Sammy Bredar – Ms Fleming/Veronica's Mom

Hayden Kammer – Principal Gowan/Veronica's Dad/Kurt's Dad

Christian Moore – Big Bud Dean/Coach Ripper/Ram's Dad

Michael Fugger – Ensemble

Morgan Greathouse – Ensemble

Anna Kirsch – Ensemble

Paige Lichnerowicz – Ensemble

Emma Loomis – Ensemble

Aidan McGuire – Ensemble

Vanessa Merola – Ensemble

Alex Traina – Ensemble

Abby Watts – Ensemble


Assistant Director – Alex Traina

Stage Manager – Lilly Musgraves

Costume Assistants – Monica Luna & Danielle Allen


Director – Jeff Casey

Music/Vocal Director – Elizabeth Tuazon

Choreographer – Colin Funk

Lighting Designer – Adrienne Petty

Set/Costume Designer – Kevin Bellamy


Keyboard – Elizabeth Tuazon 

Reed – Larry Meschi

Trumpet – James Simon

Violin – Mallory Julian

Percussion – Roye Robley

Towle Theater
5205 Hohman Ave.
Hammond, IN 46320
(219) 937-8780

Thank you to our lead sponsor John F. Pelkey Attorney At Law for their support of Towle Theater and the arts.

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