Thursday, March 27, 2014

Paul Henry's Art Gallery 3/27/14

I enjoy attending the Acoustic JAM and Pot Luck Thursday nights at Paul Henry's Art Gallery. There is an ambiance that you will not find anywhere else. It has to do with the people who attend. A city within a city if you will. A nice quiet city where you can leave your doors unlocked.

I have grown my need to photograph what I have not photographed yet. Sort of an experimentation of sorts. To go and experience. Paul Henry's Art Gallery started me off on this journey. I keep coming back because they are still part of my journey. Friends will always be friends.

I will point out a few people who I think of when I talk about Paul Henry's, and that is not to say I do not think of them all. I have just interacted more with these people. They are: David Mueller (proprietor), John Brudek (photographer), Gary Price (artist), Carol Estes (photographer), Gary Collins (a little of everything), Mary LeVan (everything - to us), John B. Stephens (photographer), Lou Shields (artist, musician, skateboarder, and one swell guy), Caren Mohr (keeps us fed), Michael Foster (musician), Lauren Dunning (artist), Sophia Rapata (artist, musician), Jeff Martin (artist, musician), Dawn Arnold Diamantopoulos (artist), Joe Humphrey (musician), Don Taylor (musician), Haley Elise (musician), Sandra Tomera (another everything to us - yoga and love her specialty), Jen Jackson (artist, photographer), William Kazak (photographer), Brabant Lenting (artist), Angela Leimer (artist, photographer), Melissa Latronica-Welch (mom, musician, artist, partial bread winner, winner of our hearts), Nancie Tharp (keeps us eating right, artist, photographer), Christine Mikulskis (musician, one who likes to put up with my photography as a model), Rene Garcia (musician), Elisa Escamilla (artist), Jill Banik (photographer though she may argue that), Andy Stephenson (musician), Natalina Oliverio (artist, musician), Cleo Michelle Kifer Milan (musician), Richard De Pirro (artist), Mark Biegel (musician) . . . and many more.

Okay, so you should be getting the hint. Lots of people make time to go to Paul Henry's Art Gallery on a Thursday night. It is worth Your time too . . . go . . . at least once in your life. The art is local and great. The musicians are local and great. The photographers are local and great. Paul Henry's Art Gallery is a slice of history, making history, and you can take home some of that history whether it be a piece of art, or sitting and enjoying the music on a Thursday night. (There is a $5 cover on Thursday nights to support the Gallery.)

Here are some photos of the 185th JAM for you to enjoy . . .

Yep, we are a laid back crowd . . .

I was given an assignment while at PH. I think I failed, in that the lady probably thought I was stalking her, when in fact, I was asked to take some photos of her without her knowing. Okay, Mr. Nija Photographer failed this time . . . there will always be a next . . .

A little better, however, how do you get a head and shoulder shot without standing right in front of her? I tried. Need to put on my Ninja costume next time . . .

Why compose your photo when you can borrow from someone else?

 Yep, this is where I think I was caught . . .

Then, I saw a better Ninja, Ms Ninja Photographer . . . all I saw was her lens . . .

Sir William

Do not know for sure, but I think Joey was getting owned in this game . . .

For more PH you can check out my entries at StreetPhoto.ME. This is a catagorized list of blogs with thumb nail photos. PH is towards the end.

Paul Henry's Art Gallery
416 Sibley Blvd.
Hammond, IN

Tue - Sat 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM
Sunday Noon till 5:00 PM
Thursday Night Jam Starts 7:00 PM

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