Thursday, July 25, 2013

Paul Henry's Art Gallery 7/25/13

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I was not sure how I was going to handle this evening. Work pulled a lot out of me, though I still wanted to venture out to see SteepDanger. Why?


Along the way, I stopped at Paul Henry's weekly open mic acoustic JAM night. No electric except for the coffee pot. You get a lot of different talent coming to Paul Henry's, from seasoned down to new first time players. Here are a couple photos I took before I had to leave for SteepDanger . . .

Then, and I say Then Ms. Sophia comes around full of energy like a high wind off the lake. Photo time!

No, the above was a good timing shot. Sophia was not doing a hand stand, but rather a cartwheel and I caught the shot.

"Clang clang clang goes the trolley, ding ding ding went the bell . . ." - Meet Me in St. Louis, 1944, with Judy Garland.  Well, zing zing zing went Judy Sophia Garland (and yes, Sophia is just as talented in her artsy way), to chug chug chugging on the railroad crossing gate from a mile high, ding ding dinging the bell. "Boy, I say Boy, is that girl crazy or am I too old for that . . ." (as I imitate Foghorn Leghorn - so maybe it's my age?????).

This is where Sophia and I parted. It was a blast for my friends at Paul Henry's, but paths take us to different journey's, and mine took me to the fun house of Kenwood Tap to photograph SteepDanger!!!!

Now, I believe most of you will know this, however, there are some newcomers so I will explain. SteepDanger is made up of two bands that come together once and a while. This time we had two from the Nick Danger band, Jerry Clemons II on Bass / Vocals, and Jerry (Cat) Clemons III on Guitar / Vocal. Then, we have the prestegias Steepwater Band members Jeff Massey on Vocal / Guitar, and my friend Joe Winters on Drums. As we expect, musicians from all over come to see this duo band operate, and this duo of a band brings them up to JAM.

With Jeff Massey, the best in the Chicago region in my opinion, and Cat Clemons (properly nick names because his groove reminds me of a Beatnik approach to emotion, and he is one cool Cat) who is currently the 2nd best in the Chicago region (my high and humble opinion - yes there is an intended link here), every JAM they do together brings the house down!!!

Brother Jerry. I say that because everyone on a JAM night becomes a brother or sister. The vibe that is brought out by the band, and the audience, propels this to heights that blow your mind. I enjoy when Jerry and Cat play together. I see the pride Jerry has in his son. You can catch Jerry looking at Cat when Cat has the lead. I see Jerry not just looking at Cat for cues as to how to mix the arrangement, but also as a father silently admiring how his son expresses himself, to the point perhaps of reliving his own life in front of his eyes. Thank you boys, for that is what drive me to photograph . . .

Brother Joe. The drummer is in the back, and I still say the drummer rules. The JAM does not stop until the drummer Says So! I met Joe through my friend Pete Calacci. Pete, a great guitarist himself. I have some photos further down to show. For now, here is Joe Winters, hitting it when it needs to be hit, and creating the tempo when it needs to be tempo'd . . .

Thank you Joe for letting me back in your domain to take photos!!!  Now, more SteepDanger.

Ed Brann joining in . . .

Kenny Kinsey in the SteepDanger house, JAM'n with Cat and the band . . .

Oh, and I will not forget Pete Calacci in the SteepDanger house, playing alongside his longtime friend Joe Winters . . .

Here is one last entry into this post . . . Jeff Massey. Lots of people enjoy watching and listening to Jeff. He has a lot of fans who want to take pictures. There was a couple other "video" moments I would have liked to have had, however, I do this for fun, not for pay. So I am more than happy to relinquish the photography torch to whomever wants a photo of vid. I did get this one!

Had to leave after the second set. The JAM continued, and you had to be there!

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