Saturday, July 18, 2015

41st Annual Park Full Of Art 7/18/15

Yes, what a year for the annual Griffith Park Full of Art! I missed last year. Went the year before. I felt the quality of art keeps growing at this event. Artists from all over the states, and our local artists, gather here because it is such a nice setting. The park with it's trees, walkways, and flow of people make for a relaxing event.

Enjoy the photos, and mark you calendar for next year!

The next photo, and some further down in this blog, is art from our Griffith schools. Such artists. Christi and I fell in love with one piece that we want to buy.

The next couple of photos is art created by Joseph Trgovich of Crown Point. I really enjoyed his colors and design. This was his first show.

The food was great, everyone attentive and courteous. Lots of place to sit and eat. If I did not have other things to do, I would have spent my entire day at this event.

Some of the artisans donated work to raffle off. Christi won something!

Thank you Griffith for thinking of the community, and of NW Indiana. I have come to appreciate everything you do for us. Please, keep doing it and grow.

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