Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Blue Top Drive In

Image from 7/26/2014 Blog

I knew this was coming up, however, I had forgotten when. Christi and I were at Wicker Park dog park with Bubba, when we saw all the E85 fuel cars backing out of trailers and lining up across the street. Then I remembered this must be the day at Blue Top.

We hopped in the car and drove across the street to verify what they were up to. By the time we got there the Highland police began their escort, so we quickly turned around and got ahead of them, heading to the Blue Top. This video (click here) shows us after we turned off ahead of the pack to cut back North into some parking (the alien green Kia Soul). The video shows the 8 and 9 second E85 race cars. They were all pretty cool.

It is very nice to see people step up and secure our heritage as it were. Blue Top has been around for a lot of years, built in 1938. I recently took a trip down Rt. 66 (not a full trip) and saw many of the sites. I have to say, Blue Top wins hands down.

Here are some photos from the evening. All I can say, lot of nice rides! You can check out my other blog posts by clicking here, and here.  Owe, for the gear heads that may see this page, check this blog out too (click here).

Blue Top Drive-In
8801 Indianapolis Blvd.
(just South of Ridge Road)
Highland, IN 46322

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