Thursday, April 6, 2017

Alice @ Wonderland 4/6/17

Alice @ Wonderland is produced by special arrangement with
Pioneer Drama Service, Inc., Englewood, CO

A totally cool modern spin. This contemporary piece shows off Alice and the supporting characters in a fun way. Totally refreshing. Oh, and do not say the "W" word, or by ruling of the queen you must dance. (That part in itself was very cool. Well done!)

All of your favorite characters are here. Alice, the White Rabbit, the Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter. It is very nice to see each youth ensemble member give it their directed touch, letting go of self and giving to the audience. Each time I see them, they get better.

As I go the photos, and reflect on my experience from this play, I cannot help but remember Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit. Specifically, the lyric "Go ask Alice When she's ten feet tall". In fact, for adults, I would recommend this song as a prequel to seeing it.

I have placed the cast names at the end of the blog. Here are the photos I took.

Cannot get enough. Loved it when they used the "W" word . . .

There goes the "W" again . . .

And Alice used the "W" word to get herself out of trouble . . .

Ah, finally a dial tone. Hello . . .

Here are some photographs from before the performance . . . you have to stash all of them somewhere away from the public . . .


Alice Lilly Musgraves

White Rabbit Aidan McGuire

Queen of Hearts Vanessa Merola

Frog – Newsie Anna Kirsch

Fish – Newsie Emily Michalak

Cheshire Cat Cali Grzybowski

Mad Hatter Joshua Bossette

March Hare Karah Sikora

Dormouse Alex Traina

Tweedledum Connor Khoury

Tweedledee Adam Mohrs

Humpty-Dumpty Noah River-Jansky

King of Hearts Aidan Varela

Door/Guard Eddie Jania

Door/Guard Gavin Khoury

Door Kaylei Alwardt

Door Ariana Kanaya

Lily Destiny Scott

Rose Jacie Shumaker

Daisy Payton Bastie

Violet Jianna Sol Harrison

Ensemble Natalie Dominiak

Ensemble Sarita Reyes

Ensemble Kaylin Talley

Ensemble Staff

Assistant Director Isis Franklin

Costume Assistants Monica Luna & Danielle Allen

Production Staff

Director Jeff Casey

Lighting Design Adienne Petty

Light Board Operator Adrienne Petty

Costume Coordination Kevin Bellamy

A big thanks to out sponsors:

Lead Sponsor - John F. Pelkey Attorney At Law

Featured Sponsor - Franciscan Health

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Towle Theater
5205 Hohman Ave.
Hammond, IN 46320
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